Interview with How Two Live

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and the concept behind How Two Live? J&S: We’re sisters from Australia and we look scarily alike even though we’re not twins. In 2012 Stef decided to move to Paris for six months to study french, so we thought starting a blog would be a fun way […]

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Featured Blogger: Natalie Pink

Tell us about yourself. My name is Natalie, I blog about fashion, make up an skincare products. I also blog about restaurants! Describe your personal style. My personal style is weird. You won’t see too many people in Taipei with purple or colorful hair. When did you start blogging? I started blogging 2 years ago. […]

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Featured Blogger: NanJung Lee

  Please introduce yourself. Hello, I am a personal style blogger as well as the owner of an online shopping mall, NanJung Lee. How do you define your style. Like my blog name, I like contemporary fashion that aims to combine lifestyle and creativity. You seem to have a lot of unique items which can’t […]

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Featured Fashion Blogger: Jodol

1. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I am fashion blogger JODOL and I am behind the Naver Blog “JODOL WORLD”. I am currently working as a blogger, marketer, illustrator, and doing a couple of other things. 2. What was your reason for starting this blog? At first, the blog was more like keeping track of things […]

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Featured Blogger: Spicy Fashion

1. Please introduce yourself. I am fashion blogger Sung Hyun Park of Spicy Fashion with a strong personality. I am a 24-year-old student majoring in Fashion Design. Before starting this blog, I published a fashion magazine, worked at a club as a party planner, and owned an online shopping site. I am always ready for […]

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Featured Blogger: BinBin

1. Please introduce yourself. Hello, nice to meet you all! I am 22 year old Choi Yu-bin, and I want to lead Korean fashion trends. Also, I am majoring in Fashion Design. 2. Why did you start blogging? It’s been 3 years since I started blogging. When I started my blog it wasn’t as popular […]

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Featured Blogger: U NIC C FUN

Please  introduce yourself to our readers. Hello, I’m 19-year-old Korean fashion blogger of UNIC C FUN. I’m currently living in Seoul and started my blog a little over two years ago. I study fashion design in college, but I’m taking time off right now. You said you’re taking a two-year break from school. What plans […]

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Featured Blogger: Yuna Lee

Korean Style: As Seen By Yuna Lee With short, dark brown hair framing her small face, Seoulite and fashion blogger, Yuna Lee’s sweet demeanor sharply contrasts against her style: edgy with a scoop of girly and a touch of glam. Anyone who has roamed Seoul’s paths and alleyways can attest to the average Koreans’ amazing […]

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