Interview with SMK

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Name, age, profession, etc.) My name is Sandra Meynier, and I was born on July 11, 1986 in France, close to Paris. I grew up in a suburb very far from fashion (maybe the total opposite of fashion). I studied in Paris at Atelier Chardon Savard […]

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Kahri by KahriAnne Kerr S/S 2015

IFBK had a chance to meet a beautiful and extraordinarily talented designer from northeast Iowa, KahriAnne Kerr, during NYFW. Today she is known for her brand Kahri by KahriAnne Kerr. During our conversation, we got to know Kahri better: she’s adorably shy and femininely pretty. She has always contained a passion for music, which played […]

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Designer Spotlight: Kimmy.J

Two words: Wearable youth. Originally expressing her creativity through furniture arrangements, Kimmy.J’s Creative Director Heejin Kim felt her artistic imagination was stifled, and quickly succeeded in climbing the fashion ranks. Graduating from the Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Ms. Kim swiftly captured the attention of the fashion savvy with inspirational and desirable designs. […]

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Billy Tjong at Fashion KODE

This year Fashion KODE 2014 (July 16-18) in Seoul impressed again. Top Korean designers gathered together like Ko Taeyong and Kwak Hyunjoo to talented emerging designers like Kye Hanhee and Hwang Jaekeun. Fashion KODE 2014 was meant to introduce new designers to Korea and the world. To impress the international fashion community, Fashion KODE 2014 […]

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The Studio K

Sporting clean lines and silhouettes, Studio K is a hub of trendy and must-have pieces. Behind the sewing machine is designer Hyejin Hong who, after attending the Rhode Island School of Design, came back to Korea to launch Studio K in 2006. Studio K has since navigated through the ranks of Korean fashion and managed […]

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NativeDanger: Goes Beyond Ordinary (Leaving You Wanting More)

\It is the kind of brand that stirs an instant emotional connection. A label that on the surface appears more darker and mysterious than the average, but in fact illuminated by a purity of spirit reflective of the minimalist, mindful approach of NativeDanger’s founder and designer, Skyler Javier. NativeDanger is a directional menswear, sportswear brand […]

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Suecomma Bonnie, regarded as the first Korean luxury shoe brand, has something for every kind of girl—From edgy to casual to glam. Assuring top quality and catering to Korean women’s “duality of introversion and sexiness,” Suecommabonnie has become a top global brand. Located in 22 countries, Suecommabonnie’s unique and charismatic style caters to women’s ability […]


Designer Spotlight: Maxilook

Ryu Seok is the creator and designer of Maxilook, a Seoul based fashion brand that primarily focuses on maxi skirts and dresses. Recently, IFBK and Maxilook held a special event seen HERE. Rye Seok started her business back in 2010 after many years of struggling to find dresses that were long enough for her tall […]

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CGBCN: An All-Black Affair

Originally starting in Barcelona, French designer Claude Garrigues of CGBCN found himself in Cambodia designing fabulously offbeat clothes. Walking down the road to high fashion, Garrigues has always done things his way. His path of designing t-shirts for men and women’s pieces has led him to solely create for women, with a brand that promotes […]

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