Interview with How Two Live

_MG_8542 as Smart Object-1 (1)Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and the concept behind How Two Live?

J&S: We’re sisters from Australia and we look scarily alike even though we’re not twins. In 2012 Stef decided to move to Paris for six months to study french, so we thought starting a blog would be a fun way to keep in touch. In the beginning How Two Live was a daily diary between the two of us, and each day we would take turns sharing what we were wearing, doing, seeing and eating with each other and the world.

You’re both known for wearing matching outfits that are often bold, quirky and eye catching! How would you describe the similarities and differences in your style?

J&S: People often ask what the differences between our styles are but the truth is we have exactly the same taste. We share one wardrobe and literally no item of clothing is off limits. When we’re getting dressed for events we style everything together and always think more about how the two outfits come together as a whole rather than as individual looks.   Cover photo option 2

Who would you say has been the best creative team and/or brand you’ve collaborated with?

J&S: We’ve done some really fun design collabs with Buffalo Boots over the last couple of years. We absolutely love working with them – they always give us total freedom when it comes to the design process and they really believe in our vision… no matter how crazy and colorful it might be!

Where’s the craziest place your work has taken you?

J&S: We love to travel and our work has taken us to sooo many amazing places. The craziest shoot we ever did was probably in NSW – we were cliff-side in bikinis at 6am in the pouring rain. Brrrrrrrr.

You’ve both recently released your eponymous book “How Two Live”, tell us a bit about it and the inspiration behind the guide on living life with “killer style”.

J&S: The book has been a really fun project that we started just over a year ago. It’s a really colourful compilation of how-to projects on all our favourite things – nail art, blogging, recipes, style etc. It’s also got plenty of photos (of course) and we took most of them directly from our Instagram.

Facebook copy

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

J&S: We love seeing what people are wearing in all the new cities we visit so we’ll often hit the streets to get inspiration. We also love looking to emerging designers as they’re usually the one’s coming out with the most outrageous and creative pieces.

Name your top 5 high street brands.


2. Urban Outfitters

3. Boohoo


5. Misguided

HTL_PFW_Tigerlily_Kate Sylvester

Your current must have items?

J&S: We have quite a few but at the very top of our list is a piece from the new Ellery collection that just showed in Paris… any piece would do, it was all stunning! We’re also obsessing over Aussie jewellery label Heart of Bone at the moment and we’re dying to get our hands on her Karl Lagerfeld ring.

The best highlights of 2015 so far?

J&S: There are so many! We absolutely love LA and we spent quite a few months over there this year, which was awesome. We also attended London Fashion Week for the first time in September which totally blew our minds!Final Twogether 2What does 2016 hold for How Two Live?

J&S: We’re launching our new shoe brand TWOOBS this November so that will definitely be a big focus for us next year. There will also definitely be lots of travel – we’ve already planned to head back to London in Feb for LFW, and looking to hopefully squeeze in some time at NYFW before.

And finally, the most important question *drumroll*. How do we tell you two apart? You look like twins!

J&S: Haha well our faces are quite different but we’re always hiding behind big shades so you would never know… we don’t really have one huge differentiator but Stef does have slightly darker hair. Oh and we also have really different voices – Jess is quite high pitched and Stef has a husky voice.

IMG_0596 copy 2

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