Featured Blogger: NanJung Lee



Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am a personal style blogger as well as the owner of an online shopping mall, NanJung Lee.

How do you define your style.

Like my blog name, I like contemporary fashion that aims to combine lifestyle and creativity.

ZI3A2475You seem to have a lot of unique items which can’t find in Korea. Where do you usually shop?

I usually shop at Korean designer brand shops and 10 Corso como, Boon the shop, Ecru off-line shops, and mostly, I purchase items online from high fashion countries like the U.S., U.K., France, and Japan.

What are your favorite brands and items?

I prefer unique styling, so my wish list and favored brands change every season. These days I am into Simone Rocha’s style, so I pay close attention to their items.

ZI3A2485Describe your look.

I aimed for a lovely and feminine theme by matching cool colored Margarine peplum for the season. My bottoms are Greyhound’s wide pants with a charming pattern, and my shoes are girly Simone Rocha’s pearl shoes.

What are your outfit plans for Seoul Fashion Week?

Since I prefer a little more minimal style compared to last season, I will match simple wear with point items. I will show more of a high quality look in my personal style using overseas’ trends as a motif.

ZI3A2491Where do you get inspiration? Who is your style role-model?

I love Miroslava Duma. She shows her fashion sense and makes use of her short height. Even though she has small body like me, she has charisma. I like classic style using luxury items. Also, I think she is a great person who can style sensuously with any clothes.

Since you are petite, what are your styling tips for looking taller?

I usually style using the optical illusion effect using mini dresses, wide pants, platform shoes, high-heeled shoes, etc. Often I set a high waist line or let people focus on one point with intense or colorful patterns. Whoever you are, like the celeb I mentioned above, I think anyone can style themselves attractively even if you are short.

1DX_1383Please introduce your own shop “Second Heaven.”

My shop is composed with unique items from sensuously trendy casual brands to high-end brands. We selected brands not only in Korea but also from countries around the world.

What kind of work do you want to do in the fashion industry? And what are your future dreams?

I want to do styling work by trusting my own senses. I would like to feel joy and satisfaction by styling other people.

Opening a cultural complex place is also a dream of mine. I want to have a two-story high-rise consisting of a café, in which I would be the barista. The building would include an off-line brand-select shop. It would be a place where fashion and lifestyle can merge and become one.


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