SFW F/W 15: Enzuvan x Vlades

With a Parisian sense of effortless chic, designer Eunju Hong in collaboration with Vlades conceptualized a puzzle. This puzzle brought together individual pieces of fashion: masculinity and femininity; classic and modern; edgy and safe; abstract and practical. Windswept hair and boyish looks did nothing to hide the models’ feminine charms, instead enhancing body lines and […]

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SFW F/W 15: J Koo

Always designing a top collection, J Koo brought together chic and casual pieces for a fabulous, upbeat show. Bringing summer into fall with bermudas and coulettes, minimal playful geometric patterns and appliques didn’t let the lively scent of summer fade just yet. Matching pieces were the recipe for chic, with knee-length pleated skirts for an […]

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SFW F/W 15: Jehee Sheen

Leading us into a winter atmosphere, Jehee Sheen designed a classic menswear collection of sophistication and masculinity. Dark and moody pieces of grays and blacks dominated the show, relying on leather, fur, and suit separates for a refined atmosphere. Breaking the ice with a playful print, a leopard jacket and jeans combination mellows out the […]

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SFW F/W 15: Beyond Closet

After a memorable appearance at New York Fashion Week, Beyond Closet jumped back in the ring for Seoul Fashion Week. The “New Orange Boy” collection, an assortment of pieces representing a new generation of wealthy youth, comes complete with a distinguished orange print popping up throughout the collection. Mixing prints and textures, the looks were […]

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SFW F/W 15: Heich es Heich

Heich es Heich crafted the perfect unisex menswear collection, sleek styles with a classic touch for harmony. The usual winter colors of gray, black, and white were anything but typical, as the monochrome hues upped the pieces’ “cool” factor. A casual attitude paired with simple, fresh makeup kept eyes on the designs, with the perfect […]

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SFW F/W 15: VanHart di Albazar

Kicking off Seoul Fashion Week, VanHart di Albazar likened clean and classic to fall, with layers buried under ageless patterns and textures. Calling VanHart di Albazar a fusion of “Italian classic values [and] Asian sentiment”, Du-young Jung is all about tiptoeing the line of classic and modern. The subtle sensation of long, timeless coats paired […]

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Designer Spotlight: Kimmy.J

Two words: Wearable youth. Originally expressing her creativity through furniture arrangements, Kimmy.J’s Creative Director Heejin Kim felt her artistic imagination was stifled, and quickly succeeded in climbing the fashion ranks. Graduating from the Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Ms. Kim swiftly captured the attention of the fashion savvy with inspirational and desirable designs. […]

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Vintage Hollywood

One word, one concept. Jewelry of style and grace, VINTAGEHOLLYWOOD is the object of affection for many women. Designer Boram Seo, a Seoul native, created the brand based on the juxtaposition of old and new- Vintage and Hollywood, the past and the present. Created in 2008, VINTAGEHOLLYWOOD started as an online jewelry brand, but has […]

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The Studio K

Sporting clean lines and silhouettes, Studio K is a hub of trendy and must-have pieces. Behind the sewing machine is designer Hyejin Hong who, after attending the Rhode Island School of Design, came back to Korea to launch Studio K in 2006. Studio K has since navigated through the ranks of Korean fashion and managed […]

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