Featured Blogger: D Style by Dake Hu


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Dake Hu, I’m 21 years old from Taipei and I’m a menswear blogger.


Describe your personal style

My personal style is really just about color; I like to use different colors, especially strong and bright colors. I like to integrate colors and style, for example, preppy or casual styles – that’s my style!
What made you start blogging?

I started because I really wanted to post something on the internet, I’d been looking at websites like Lookbook and GQ magazine for a long time. I wanted to have my own blog and put my style out there.
Was there a turning point for your blog?

I don’t think there was ever really a turning point in terms of becoming successful, it’s really interesting because the first article that I posted on my blog received lots of comments and thousands of views in 2 or 3 days. I think it just happened hahaha.
Describe today’s outfit!

Today I’m wearing a preppy outfit with bright colors, with yellow and a blue tie. I’ve put my scarf over my blazer because I think it looks stylish and casual.
I see that you’ve recently graduated, how was it balancing your school life with running a blog?

It was difficult to balance school like and blogging because I didn’t have free time during the week. So I ran my blog on the weekend, went for photoshoots and bought clothes for my blog. I usually use my free time on the weekends to keep my blog running.
What’s the menswear blogging scene like in Taiwan?

In Taiwan, menswear blogging is not as popular as womenswear blogging. We don’t have many menswear bloggers here so I would say that it’s interesting and I hope more people become menswear bloggers, as we need more people like this in Taiwan.
What’s your favorite Taiwanese brand?

Plain Me, it’s a select shop that has their own collection. I really like what they import into their stores and how they design their clothes.
What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

People always think that I’ll have lots of free clothes because I’m a fashion blogger – that’s not true. We do receive free clothes sometimes from corporations, it’s not that much, most of us buy our clothes with our own money.
How has blogging helped you with your career path?

I want to work in the fashion industry and blogging has helped me think about what I want to do in with my future. Right now I’m applying to Parson’s school for design to study fashion marketing.

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Interview & Photography by IFBK



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