Featured Fashion Blogger: Jodol

IMG_99121. Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am fashion blogger JODOL and I am behind the Naver Blog “JODOL WORLD”. I am currently working as a blogger, marketer, illustrator, and doing a couple of other things.

2. What was your reason for starting this blog?

At first, the blog was more like keeping track of things I like. I am into design, so I posted designs or illustrations, and sometimes I wrote about my daily life and delicious restaurants as well. However, two years ago I started to exclusively post about fashion. I mainly upload my outfits and information on fashion.

IMG_99183. You have posted more than 300 outfits. Do you always wear different pieces or do you recycle looks?

I usually wear completely different clothes. But, even if I do wear the same item, I wear it in a totally different way.

4. Are there any secrets to posting so many outfits?

It is not really a secret, but I think it is important to blog consistently. Also, it is helpful to look at street fashion, lookbooks, and collections for inspiration.

IMG_99265. Please explain your outfits today.

For the first outfit, I went for a clean and minimal look in black and white. This is an easy style that looks put together, so anyone can try. The second outfit is a patterned dress. The colors and pattern stand out and liven up your face, so it is good for vacation or even a party.

IMG_99776. Please describe your usual style.

My usual style is not fixed, but I like to mix and match different styles. These days I am into the resort look.

7. You do a lot of fashion-related work. What kind of work do you do?

Nowadays I do illustration and brand marketing.

IMG_99848. Recently you made an eco bag as a collaboration with Can by B. Is there any particular reason for the collaboration? And, where did you get inspired?

I have liked to draw pictures ever since I was a kid. It just happened that my drawings had the feeling of summer, so I thought these would be a good design for eco bags. This time, the design is part of a series called “Under the Sea and Amazon.” I am interested in animals, so I started drawing animals randomly and somehow it became a fun project.

You can buy them on JODOL WORLD.






IMG_99879. We know you do a lot of drawing, but where do you draw inspiration from? Tell us a bit about your drawings.

I think I get inspired by objects or animals around me. I abstractly draw people I see in photobooks or draw illustrations of TV drama scenes.

IMG_998910. What is your dream or goal?

In the future, I want to do marketing work as a representative of a Korean fashion blogger. Furthermore, I want to become a global fashion blogger, and ultimately, my goal is to develop and differentiate Jodol World as a unique brand.




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