Featured Blogger: Spicy Fashion


1. Please introduce yourself.

I am fashion blogger Sung Hyun Park of Spicy Fashion with a strong personality. I am a 24-year-old student majoring in Fashion Design. Before starting this blog, I published a fashion magazine, worked at a club as a party planner, and owned an online shopping site. I am always ready for the next challenge. I don’t like boring and stiff pieces, so my blog posts and pictures are very free-spirited. I blog in order to introduce my readers to a variety of styles by mixing wit and fashion sense.IMG_98882. You go to fashion school in Korea- Please introduce your school.

I am a sophomore of “Seoul Mode,” which is located in Garosugil, Sinsa-dong, Seoul. There are a lot of students who have strong personalities. The school consists of students with many different fashion philosophies, so it is really fun. Classes focus on practical skills, so I have been struggling with the sewing machine since freshmen year. However, those who have graduated say that the amount of hands-on classes is helpful when it comes to job hunting.

3. Any reason you decided to start blogging?

I was collecting information on fashion from blogs, but I realized that people were making fashion too difficult. It was difficult to understand and I couldn’t understand what they were trying to say, so I started blogging to give readers accurate and understandable information. Also, I wanted to make a blog for short guys.

IMG_98904. Please explain your outfits.


I like all-black outfits and reinvented pieces. I styled my black pieces with matching mirrored-sunglasses and a gold bag to stand out. I added hologram fabric to the hat, and I also transformed the T-shirt by using the cloth from another T-shirt. I added my own touch to this bag from Jodol World, which was a collaboration with Can by B, by hanging clips on a fishing reel. The shoes are loafers from Ralph Lauren, and the mirror sunglasses are Clic Clac.


I reinterpret classic styles in my own way. When I think of classic, I think of “old.” For example, this style inspiration is a newspaperman from the 1960’s. I create distinction with a country-inspired hunting cap and vest. The hunting cap is from Brixton, and the sunglasses are Verris. The shirt I wear underneath is Burberry and the vest is customized piece made by a family friend.

IMG_98915. Please explain your usual style.

I prefer black and white in avant-garde style pieces, and I tend to wear it rebelliously. For example, I wear pantskirts, which men usually don’t wear, high-heeled shoes, and green work boots. Since I am short, I wear some type of work boots or regular boots during the winter. It was so hot today I couldn’t wear them; I hate summer.

6. Please give us some styling tips for short guys.

If you are short, you have to show your personality. Even if you wear the same clothes as taller guys, it won’t look the same, so don’t wear them. When you wear clothes, you should coordinate it in your own way and have confidence in yourself and your style. Try not to be conscious of the way people are looking at you, but wear it with the mindset of “I may be short, but I have better style than you.”

IMG_98927. You take a lot of funny photos. Is there any special reason?

I just wanted people to have fun through my blog, and I thought the best way was to make people laugh. There is no other way besides pictures and posts, so I take funny photos. Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed making people laugh. A few days ago, I actually got an offer to be a comedian as a career.

8. You seem to like leather a lot. How did you become interested? You also own a leather brand. Please introduce your brand and how you manage it.

My father owns a leather factory, so ever since I was young, I was able to smell and touch the leather and naturally fell in love with it. My brand name is “Equal Skin”. I chose this name with the message that animal skin, leather, is no different from human skin. I wanted to show the different types, pros, and cons of leather, and use this to design high quality customized jackets

IMG_98939. You reinvent many fashion pieces. Where do you get your inspiration?

I usually look around my house. I do not get inspired and reinvent; I just get inspiration from the stuff around me. For example, I happened to see a clip and hologram fabric and did not want to throw them away, so I reinvented them. Before throwing things away, I make sure that I cannot transform it into something new. I try to reinvent as much as I can- I do in a light-hearted way, because I know that if it doesn’t work out, I can throw it away.

IMG_989710. What is your future dream?

My dream is to expand my father’s factory. I want to sell my own designs, raise funds, and renovate the factory with that money. I also plan to learn as much as I can about leather, so I can become a master artisan like my father.
Also, as a blogger, I want to become the most famous among male bloggers, but not just for the popularity. I will continue to write interesting and straightforward posts, so I hope more people will visit my blog and have fun.

IMG_9955 IMG_9970


Check out more of Spicy Fashion’s looks at spicyfashion.blog.me!



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