Featured Blogger: Abigail Royston


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Abigail Royston and I live in London but have spent a lot of my life traveling around Europe. I grew up in a very small mountain village in the South of France called Mosset, and I played professional tennis on the WTA Tour and lived in Barcelona for 4 years from the age of 16. I am currently finishing my masters in business and law after having graduated in 2012 from King’s College London Law School. I love cats, dream of returning to Cuba, like lying in bed way too much and can never have too many clothes.

What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?

The name of my blog is My Girls On Tour and I have been blogging for just over a year.


Why did you start blogging?

Whilst studying Law at King’s College in London, I noticed that history, arts and travel documentaries seemed to be aimed at the older generation and that youngsters were left with reality TV or series. I felt the need to choose between entertainment, fun and information which seemed strange considering that I had learned the most valuable lessons of my life and had had the best insight into a new culture and language whilst having the time of my life living in Barcelona with my friends. I wanted to share our crazy stories of what it was like on the world tour, my travel photos, outfits, lookbooks and create a fun world which would also get young people interested in other aspects of life such as art, history, culture and high fashion.


Who and/or what are your main fashion inspirations?

Both my parents are abstract artists, lived in London and studied fine art at Chelsea School of Art in the swinging 60s and 70s and they are my main fashion inspirations. They are never afraid to wear strong original pieces and have always championed mixing and matching as well as vintage. Some of their most outlandish looks include my Dad’s cloak and WWI riding boots and my mum’s gold platform wedges and I can remember thinking why couldn’t they dress just like “normal” parents, but now that I am more into fashion I really appreciate their choices and style.

My other fashion inspirations have got to be from other fashion blogs like Kayture and Master of Style.


You have lived in several different countries, how has that affected your personal style?

Living in different countries and traveling in general has definitely had an impact on my personal style. It has broadened my mind and has meant that I have been perhaps more creative in my outfits that I would otherwise have been. I love taking pieces like traditional French Espadrilles or the polka dot print of Spanish flamenco dresses and then adding them to my look. I also get great inspiration from my surroundings and my outfits often reflect this so living in different countries really make them more diverse. For example when I went to Marrakesh I was just blown away by the beauty of the mosaics and Moorish art and after that trip that I made a big effort to wear more geometric print because I loved it so much.


Since you live in London, what are some of the top trends you have been seeing on the streets? What are some spring must-haves?

It is still pretty cold here so there are lots of faux-fur shaggy coats around and skinny jeans. Roll neck jumper and large chunky knit sweaters combined with long skirts and chunky heels. Leather jackets and wide brimmed hats, fringe jackets and wide legged trousers that are making a come back and everything bohemian. Boho Chic is definitely in.


What brands are your favorite and why? Any boutiques in London that are a must to shop at?

Some are of my favorite East London boutiques include House of Hackney, Celestine Eleven, 69b and LN-CC. They are all great for up and coming designers. I love Zara because of their the elegant and sharp cuts but also their bold use of colors. They really do have something for every occasion and their styles are really on trend. Primark is great for staples, like black hats, stack rings or jeans that you can then customize as it is so cheap so if your ever in London should definitely take a look. I am really loving Charlotte Simone accessories at the moment, I have recently discovered a funky London boutique called Alice’s Pig which is pretty cool and I love going into vintage shops along Brick Lane.

We were excited to hear that you visited South Korea a few years ago! How did you like it? What was your impression of Korean fashion?

I really enjoyed my trip to South Korea. For me it was a really special time as it was my first time traveling to Asia and I got to represent Spain in a world championships. I loved seeing the ancient temples in Soul, tasting different food and seeing signs with beautiful lettering. Korea fashion is for me one of the most interesting, original and avant-garde styles in the world and one which I was definitely inspired by.


What are your future goals for your blog and you personally?

My aim is to meet more bloggers and to get more involved in the fashion community. I am about to launch my own online boutique so hopefully that will go well and I am aiming to travel more and document our trips in video format to share our adventures with more people.

Any advice for those who want to start their own blog? What is the most valuable lesson you have learned?

Blogging is so rewarding, I really enjoy it and would encourage anyone who is thinking of starting a blog to do it! I have learnt that it is important to be consistent and to work hard to create something that you are proud of, to not expect too much too quickly in terms of views or fame and to blog about something that you enjoy. I have met some great people so I would encourage those to interact with the blogging community especially on social media, to reply to readers and engage in conversation online because you will learn a lot, make knew friends and potentially get to work with some really interesting people.


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Interview & Photography by IFBK



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