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Dear fellow fashion bloggers,

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in International Fashion Bloggers in Korea. We are a group of fashion bloggers in Seoul fostering a fashion community for wide networking. Our mission is to support one another in the fashion industry while promoting Korean fashion and designers. Our small and humble network has grown exponentially and we’d like to share our know-how and success.

We refer one another to photographers, designers, fashion coaches, and of course, other global fashion bloggers, which in turn, leads to an international network. Blogging is a shared community. Not only are we here to cheer each other on by mentoring with experiences and ideas, but to share our passion with others in the same field.

Please follow us to stay up to date on the latest IFBK news and events!

– IFBK Editors

Meet Our Founders:


Diana Kunanova Horsfall: Co-Founder, Administrator/Creative Director  |  Blogger, Different Colors & Different Styles | Currently in California, USA

Diana has been travelling the globe for the past seven years, but is originally from Kazakhstan. Her two degrees include teaching German and English. Fashion is one of her greatest passions in life.

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Elyse Cornett: Co-founder, PR Manager/Technical Director  |  Blogger, Faith in Style | Currently in California, USA

Elyse is from San Diego, CA, and graduated with a degree in International Business, B.A. with an emphasis in Asia-Pacific Studies & Management. She recently returned home to San Diego from Seoul after living there for one year teaching English to elementary students. Some of her passions are traveling, figure skating, photography, and most of all fashion!


Jina Kim: Co-Founder  |  Blogger & Youtuber, itsjinakim | Currently in South Korea

Jina has lived in Incheon, Korea for her entire life. Although she works as a fashion blogger and journalist, she also loves art, IT, social media, language exchanges, and meeting people!

marisol_profile final

Marisol Park: Co-Founder | Currently in Massachusetts, USA

Currently studying communications and economics, Marisol is a Korean American fashion journalist and freelance writer from Chicago. Her many passions include music concerts, figure skating, and vegan baking.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey girls, I was looking through your individual blogs but some of you haven’t written anything since two years ago. What is this? Are you for REAL?

    BTW I know Jina is finding English really tough, but she’s doing so well. Keep it up. Love you girls x x

  2. I like your post about Korea and especially about your own videos jina, I enjoyed it, funny girl

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