Diana K. Horsfall  |  Administrator/Creative Director/Social Manager/Editor-in-chief  |  Blogger, Different Colors & Different Styles

Diana has been travelling the globe for the past five years, but is originally from Kazakhstan. Her two degrees include teaching German and English. Fashion is one of her greatest passions in life. Founder of @differentcands & @queenhorsfall & @trendhood_store.


Elyse Cornett  |  IFBK PR Manager & Technical Director  |  Fashion Blogger, Faith in Style

Elyse is from San Diego, CA, and graduated with a degree in International Business, B.A. with an emphasis in Asia-Pacific Studies & Management. She recently returned home to San Diego from Seoul after living there for one year teaching English to elementary students. Some of her passions are traveling, figure skating, photography, and most of all fashion!


Jessica Jones  |  IFBK  Copy Editor & Writer | Blogger, J (essica) Ko | Currently in South Korea

Jessica graduated with a degree in International Relations and minor in East Asian Studies, and currently works in social media for a small mobile app company. Outside of fashion, she loves hip-hop and r&b music, eating, and has a thing for political and sociological journals and magazines. Founder @trendhood_store.


Teni Bakare | IFBK Youtube Editor | Blogger,  Teni The Abstract  | Currently in UK

Teni graduated with a masters in Marketing last year and is currently teaching English in Gyeongsan. She is a lover of fashion, photography and video editing. She also loves pizza and cereal!

Alexa Roquemore | PR & Project Manager , Korea | Illustrator Alexaroque | Currently in South Korea

Alexa is 24 and currently living in Seoul as an English teacher. In college she formally studied oil painting at the formerly known Corcoran college of Art and Design in Washington DC and graduated from Iowa State University. She has been living in Seoul for a year and a half and first attended Seoul Fashion week the FW 2014 show. Since then her artwork has largely been influenced and inspired by current fashion trends in Korea and Korea’s fashion brands. Alexa’s dream is to create large scale oil paintings based from Seoul’s fashion trends. But for now her artwork is mainly just sketches.



Lavar Plummer | IFBK Photographer, Overseas | Photographer, CapByLV | Currently in Germany, Europe

Lavar originally hales from Atlantic City, New Jersey. He’s love for fashion photography has taken him around the globe. Lavar has covered street style as well as runway during Milan Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Seoul Fashio Week. His passion for the art of photography is what has made him such a valued member of the IFBKSEOUL staff.


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