Featured Blogger: NanJung Lee

  Please introduce yourself. Hello, I am a personal style blogger as well as the owner of an online shopping mall, NanJung Lee. How do you define your style. Like my blog name, I like contemporary fashion that aims to combine lifestyle and creativity. You seem to have a lot of unique items which can’t […]

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Featured Fashion Blogger: Jodol

1. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I am fashion blogger JODOL and I am behind the Naver Blog “JODOL WORLD”. I am currently working as a blogger, marketer, illustrator, and doing a couple of other things. 2. What was your reason for starting this blog? At first, the blog was more like keeping track of things […]

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Featured Blogger: Spicy Fashion

1. Please introduce yourself. I am fashion blogger Sung Hyun Park of Spicy Fashion with a strong personality. I am a 24-year-old student majoring in Fashion Design. Before starting this blog, I published a fashion magazine, worked at a club as a party planner, and owned an online shopping site. I am always ready for […]

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Featured Blogger: BinBin

1. Please introduce yourself. Hello, nice to meet you all! I am 22 year old Choi Yu-bin, and I want to lead Korean fashion trends. Also, I am majoring in Fashion Design. 2. Why did you start blogging? It’s been 3 years since I started blogging. When I started my blog it wasn’t as popular […]

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Featured Blogger: U NIC C FUN

Please  introduce yourself to our readers. Hello, I’m 19-year-old Korean fashion blogger of UNIC C FUN. I’m currently living in Seoul and started my blog a little over two years ago. I study fashion design in college, but I’m taking time off right now. You said you’re taking a two-year break from school. What plans […]

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Featured Blogger: Yuna Lee

Korean Style: As Seen By Yuna Lee With short, dark brown hair framing her small face, Seoulite and fashion blogger, Yuna Lee’s sweet demeanor sharply contrasts against her style: edgy with a scoop of girly and a touch of glam. Anyone who has roamed Seoul’s paths and alleyways can attest to the average Koreans’ amazing […]

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