The artful flair of geometric shapes and sharp lines, paired with a sharp glance, juxtapose the soft ambience framed by soft shades. Bold colors against pale faces shows the freedoms of art in different spaces. Forces of submission and dominance are clearly distinguished in the expressions painted on their eyes. Dominance stares down the camera, […]

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Life’s Summer

Yes, it is summer at last. Outlined with a soft aura, the fierce, glistening sun celebrates life one ray at a time. Bright and energetic dresses with golden touches happily embody the mysteries of life’s charms. Longevity juxtaposes intensity as her locks frames her emotions—Her character. Carefully hiding her strength, life perfects the necessary cues […]

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Au Revoir, Spring

The end of spring imminent in Korea, IFBK is already reminiscing spring vibes. From gorgeous prints to simple delights, here are a few outfits we are tearfully kissing goodbye. Sexy aloofness dresses up in a red jumpsuit with a matching red jacket. Surrounded by color, only her heart is black as her eyes stare into […]

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Back to the Past

There is a confidence about her. Knowing she does not care what others think, she is followed, admired, and adored. Neck and shoulders wrapped in fur, her black dress hugs her curves as it slinks to the floor and exposes intimidating black heels. The crochet and ruched details show the beauty in versatility—It is not […]

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Alone, Not Lonely

A sunny day; a chilly breeze. Keeping it casual on a walk along the river, Tom matches the Seoul skyline in calm, cool hues. The gentle water; the tall grass. Changing it up between plaid, a hoodie, and a denim jacket, Tom looks out onto the water as he contemplates his next plan of action. […]

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Subtle Beauty in Fresh Tangerine

Simple, classic, and chic, geometry intersects with versatility in Fresh Tangerine. Dark, flowing hair blends with the flowing black dresses, providing a soft contrast for a gorgeous silver / gold collection. Ebbing through the clean and modest lines, the wind whispers its hellos. The atmosphere, distant, yet approachable, helps relax the bones and clear the […]

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Waiting for Her

Sitting, waiting for an attempt at explanation, agitation slowly creeps over. As the clock ticks, he tries to focus on something—anything—to get his mind off of her. Buttoning a buttoned jacket and straightening a perfect bowtie once more, he stares out the window in the hopes of finding her amongst the crowd. Instead, solace is […]

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Through the Fog

  Sexy and sultry, she slinks across the room. She swirls and swishes, her hips wrapped in a sarong skirt and later transforming into a halter dress. Sinking into the background, she fades into the fog. A standout necklace and bracelets grace her limbs; strappy black heels on her feet. Long ombre hair weaved between […]

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A Woman’s Strength

Working, toiling away in a thankless office, the clock ticks slower and slower each second. Filled with passion, energy, and strength, women look to find a release from the mundane lifestyle of four white walls. IFBK went to the streets of Hongdae to capture this strength and energy in one of the most high-energy locations […]

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The Butterfly Effect

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp; but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” (Nathaniel Hawthorne) Tranquil and calm, the tints of blue envelope her. With a clear sky and Han River as a backdrop, the butterfly’s essence is captured. Butterflies decorate her arm, […]

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A Flower Blossoms

Spring is in the air, but flowers aren’t the only things blooming. Teaming up with Korean photographer Wooripic, IFBK took over top school Korea University with fashion on the brain. Modeled by Julia Nazipova, the resulting photos presented the beautiful fluidity of the often-borderless stages of life A flashback to the sandbox days, ribbons decorate […]

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Spirit of the Forest

With the help of Korean-American photographer David Kim, IFBK searched for the female Spirit of the Forest. Here is all that is left. In a one-sleeved black dress with sheer layers, it feels as if she will disappear any second. It hangs off her thin frame and flows behind her, obscured by the wind. She […]

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