Featured Blogger: U NIC C FUN

1Please  introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello, I’m 19-year-old Korean fashion blogger of UNIC C FUN. I’m currently living in Seoul and started my blog a little over two years ago. I study fashion design in college, but I’m taking time off right now.

You said you’re taking a two-year break from school. What plans do you have for your time off?

At first, I tried making my own small brand called ‘U FUN’ with only a few items. Now I’m thinking about making it bigger in March, so I’m preparing it.

2What inspired you to fall in love with fashion?

I usually get inspiration from art or pop artists like Takashi Murakami or Jeff Koons. I used to love Japanese style when I was young. Back then, I think I got inspiration from Tokyo street style or K-pop boy bands such as Big Bang.

Tell us more about your hair. What made you color it in pink? Was it to get more attention?

I hated the idea of identifying myself with others. I wanted to look different and stand out rather than following trends. So I began to dye parts of my hair 4 years ago. Then one day, I changed all of my hair into this pink color, which was quite an extreme makeover. People loved my hair, so I’ve continued to maintain this pink color.

3Tell us more about your personal style.

I was obsessed with Japanese fashion style such as Harajuku or AOMO Ji-Kei until last year. Then I noticed both my unique hair and clothes drew people’s attention too much. As I grew older, black color caught my eyes. It became my favorite color so I’ve been pursuing the rock-chic style this year.

What is most important in your life?

I’ve never lived without fashion in my life. I have a mind of my own in everything, especially fashion, so I naturally started working in the fashion industry. I can say my life itself is fashion.

4What do you think about fashion in Korea?

I think Korean fashion became trendy. I think people on the street used to stare at some people who wore clothes that stood out until just a few years ago. Nowadays, many Korean people pursue their own unique style, which is great progress. Thanks to SNS, we can see New York collections immediately by cell phone. So now Korean fashion is extremely trendy.


Do you think Korean fashion will grow into something bigger and Korean people will have even more unique outfits?

I’m skeptical because the Korean fashion industry tendency is to pursue similar trends that constantly change rapidly. However, I can feel Korean people are changing these days. The number of people who have their own personal style is growing here. So in the long term, I think Korean fashion will change. 6

What is the concept of your blog?

My blog is composed of my daily outfits, life, and some helpful information about fashion items.

Where can our readers find you?

Blog  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

7What are you interested to know more about or read on IFBK?

I think IFBK’s website looks professional, but I especially liked the article of your Christmas meet up. I really loved seeing famous fashion bloggers like ‘Nanjung’ or ‘Enemood’ in your group event. It looked professional, and I felt closer to the bloggers and IFBK.





One thought on “Featured Blogger: U NIC C FUN

  1. She looks pretty and so dollish! Much love for her pink hair! Eventho now her hair is more orange-ish. I checked her blog and instagram, omg I really love her style ❤

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