Featured Blogger: BinBin

IMG_99321. Please introduce yourself.

Hello, nice to meet you all! I am 22 year old Choi Yu-bin, and I want to lead Korean fashion trends. Also, I am majoring in Fashion Design.

IMG_99332. Why did you start blogging?

It’s been 3 years since I started blogging. When I started my blog it wasn’t as popular as it is now. When I started, I was a guest marketer for a clothing brand and the staff of the brand asked me to create a blog. Since then I have my own know-how for blogging, and more importantly it’s a great way to show my personality.

IMG_99403. Compared to other bloggers in their early 20’s, you show high-end brands in your blog. Is there any particular reason?

It could be a prejudice, but personally I think trends start from luxurious house brand such as Dior, Chanel, Dolce and Gabanna, etc. Right after their collections are presented to the press, I look through and find the common things from the collections. Those are the trends that we see in Vogue, W, or Elle magazine.

IMG_99424. You support a lot of different brands’ activities. Are there any reasons?

My personal style is 100% unique, but I also need to know how to read public tastes. As a university student, the easiest and fastest way to study how to read public tastes is by supporting fashion brands’ activities. As a fashion blogger this creates great content for my blog.

IMG_99445. What was the most memorable brand that you supported?

Optical W is a brand that I will always remember supporting because it was fun working others who are also very interested in fashion. All of Optical W’s designs are not only uncommon, but also marked by the brand’s strong individuality. Moreover, every collaboration covers ‘fashion’ and ‘communication,’ which offer a great opportunity for apprenticeship for me.

IMG_99456. Please explain your outfit today.

I tried to mix and match by wearing a striped-patterned summer casual Jacket with a chiffon skirt to show my mood. In the summer, I enjoy wearing slightly revealing outfits, so I covered my body with a jacket, and added a little fun with this bar-code patterned sleeveless top with a deep neck-line. Lastly, I paired it all with this stripe-patterned clutch. Converse are comfortable and cool items, so they can be matched with any look. If you tie the shoe string behind the converse, you can create a special style.

IMG_99467. How do you describe your daily fashion style?

I like to stand out even though I used to not realize that I liked standing out. One day, one of my friends said “Your style is really distinctive.” After I heard what my friend said, I realized that my style is unique. Even though when I wear T-shirts or common items, I like those items to be unique with details like zippers or other things that make the look stand out. Common pieces are boring.

IMG_99488. What are your dreams for the future?

I want to be a buyer for a multi-brand shop that is owned by a department store. This job is attractive because I’ll be able to work with lots of different brands, and develop the character of my shop. There are few jobs where you can see fashion items before the public so I want to be that person who features, and shares them with the public. I know that if I study and work extremely hard I can make my dreams come true, and be the person I want to be.


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6 thoughts on “Featured Blogger: BinBin

  1. I can not stress to you how much I love this blog! Its such an an inspiration. I just started a blog. Any tips?

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