Tips From the Youth: Boram and Hyunjoo’s Fresh Style

_efrm9WS2Di2_pZ_sChJEip-TJ-0tEo6CpN1EY6FHsE1Bv_X4PEgaer82O-Gqc8RBBw-Cg=w1508-h747Bringing a fresh-faced and youthful glow, Boram and Hyunjoo are two teenagers testing fashion limits in their rebellious stage. The pair complement each other from personality to style, their enviously close friendship a result of the two’s interest in fashion. IFBK met with these two to learn more about their fashion philosophies and get some tips from upcoming fashionistas.

Using accessories to accentuate her simple style, Boram frames her childlike face with well-coordinated pieces. She shifts between feminine and tomboy, from her doll-like outfit of leather overalls and bow to an oversized jersey tee and round sunglasses. Collecting accessories of various textures and patterns, like her studded snapback and floral bag, Boram’s outfits capture visual interest. Boram’s cute-with-a-bit-of-edge style harmonizes with her personality and reminds us that it’s all in the details.

Hyunjoo, on the other hand, took to bright colors and bold patterns to express her individuality. Unafraid of color, she wears her green and yellow Celtics dress with confidence. Hyunjoo blurs the edge of youth and maturity with her pairing of a floral high waist maxi skirt, accompanied by a high slit, and green high heels. Ensuring a pop of color or pattern in each outfit, Hyunjoo’s outgoing and energetic outfits inspire us to try out this fall’s bright color trend.

This cute pair may have more to learn at school, but it is obvious they have mastered style. Showing off their personalities through diverse styles, Boram and Hyunjoo skirt the line of youth and provoke others to do the same. Check out the video below to find out more about this fashionable duo.

















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