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Sandy beaches and clear waters- A glance at WOOYOUNGMI will leave you longing for a long stretch of bliss. WOOYOUNGMI, known as the first Korean Ready-to-Wear menswear female designer, have perfected her art to a T with the latest collection. Variants of the brown color spectrum dominate on loose-fitting linen, sure to give the wind an excuse to breeze by wistfully. Trenches, bomber jackets, and blazers ensured the pieces remained within an illusion of traditional structure. Elbow length button-ups, a multi-faceted piece of comfort, class, and style, contributed to the vacation feel. Combined with crocs, your feet can relax next season, piggybacking off this season’s Birckenstock inspirations. The image of glittering sand is recreated with shades of gold, and with the touches of sky blue and black, takes your imagination elsewhere. Nicely reminding viewers in the power of the minute, abstract t-shirts pull the outfits together through detail. Small floppy hats and owl-like sunglasses become the surprisingly perfect accessories, and a colorblocked jacket steals the spotlight, despite being tied around the waist. WOOYOUNGMI ensnares the work mindset, sending it off in favor of loose, casual designs and attitudes. (With eighteen stores across the globe, it seems there may be issues with production next year…

WOOYOUNGMI designs collections with their ideal man in mind. Can you see him?
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Photography by Guest Contributor: Hally Jung  |  Instagram @streetopode



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