SFW: SMK’s “Mechanical Animals” 2016 F/W Collection

20160325-IMG_6110Inspired by Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals album, SMK built upon ‘70s and ‘90s styles for a collection of a colorful palette and soft aura.

The show itself was a work of art, the models suppressing any small, subtle movements so that the audience could digest every morsel.

Outlining feminine touches, ruffled collars and fur offered a sweet escape into the type of woman (and man) you have always wanted to be. Relaxed knits, pinstripes, and overalls, on the other hand, oozed casual elegance, reflective of the designer’s own style.

SMK even brought in French calligrapher Jeremy Tow, tiptoeing outside the lines to ensure every vision was brought to life. The celestial hues playing with burgundy and metallic touches, SMK’s cozy, chic pieces focused not on trends, but on dreams. 20160325-IMG_6074
20160325-IMG_6091 20160325-IMG_609420160325-IMG_609720160325-IMG_610020160325-IMG_6111

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK



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