SFW: Surreal But Nice’s F/W 2016 Collection

20160324-IMG_4940A collection imitating the transition of fall to winter, Surreal But Nice focused on simple and peaceful vibes. Starting with black, leather, and loose fits, the designs kept to the casual, somewhat masculine side, with attitudes to match. Pilot and leather jackets and bombers wove in and out of double-breasted outerwear, effortlessly becoming the focus of each look. Shifting to lace-trimmed slips and striped pants, we saw pieces dressed up in studded lapels and skinny scarves. It didn’t last long, however, as the collection made way for the beige, green, and burgundy colors of fall. “Hit the Bull’s eye” was the slogan of this season, printed over casual tees, and khaki cargo-style tops and bottoms, armed with patches and leather details, ended the collection with a distinct casual look Koreans adore. Laid-back and skillfully going with the flow, Surreal But Nice created the only “daily looks” you will see this fall.
20160324-IMG_499920160324-IMG_500320160324-IMG_5010 20160324-IMG_5013

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK


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