SFW: Byungmun Seo’s F/W 2016 Collection

20160325-IMG_6123  With Byungmun Seo’s latest collection, expectations are pulled right out from under your feet with twists to classic trends.

Oversized and boxy silhouettes fused together formal and casual elements for chic looks, dipped in subtle neutral shades.

The pleats, long v’s, and loose pant legs tying each outfit with a bow, the designs accentuated harmony in both life and style; the urban hoodies and sweatpants blended in seamlessly with timeless pieces.

Jackets straddled biceps, not shoulders, and unveiled its newest take on leather, contrasting with its lingering love for high necks. Keeping you on your toes for future ploys, Byungmun Seo shows their ability to adapt in whichever direction necessary. 20160325-IMG_613920160325-IMG_617320160325-IMG_620420160325-IMG_621520160325-IMG_622120160325-IMG_622320160325-IMG_622520160325-IMG_623020160325-IMG_6232

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK



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