SFW: Rocket x Lunch’s 2016 F/W Collection

20160325-IMG_5875For all who thought vibrant colors could only be worn in the spring, Rocket x Lunch begs to differ.

Green, blue, and coral hues were peppered throughout the collection to show off a new look for the cooler months.

Drawing focus to the limbs, statement details like tied, elongated, and split sleeves were mirrored with tied and exaggerated cuffs and zippered split pants.

Paired with combat boots, eel-like details wrapped around matching outfits, while fuzzy contrast boosted the overall eclectic feel.

The mix of texture added to the excitement and liveliness of the designs, especially the fur jackets.

For an unexpected twist, hints of Buddhist references, prayer beads and the hand gestures Pran Mudra and Gyan Mudra that represent life and wisdom, cropped up as a reminder to never expect the obvious.

Rocket x Lunch’s combination of casuals with unique details will assuredly be the perfect way to chase away those winter blues later this year.
20160325-IMG_5863 20160325-IMG_5878
20160325-IMG_5901 20160325-IMG_5921
20160325-IMG_5951 20160325-IMG_595720160325-IMG_597320160325-IMG_599720160325-IMG_600420160325-IMG_601220160325-IMG_601620160325-IMG_602820160325-IMG_6036

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK


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