SFW: 87MM’s F/W 2016 “No Concept” Collection

20160324-IMG_510787MM, a brand describing themselves as having “no concept but good sense”, stayed true to their word with a collection of misfits.   Fall-themed fabrics of quilted, fur, and leather forged their chic statement jackets, casually thrown over tuxedo blazers and high neck tops; when layered with hoodies the style gave off a street style feel.

Gliding around the stage, the colors of autumn—Navy, brown, cream, burgundy, and black—contrasted against pops of yellow, silver, and pink, perfect for the androgynous looks.   And, remarkably not out of place, bermudas and hair bands accompanied plaid in giving us some 80s flashbacks, while the use of neckties over bare skin and color coordination loosely tied the collection together. Though 87MM had a laid-back approach to fashion, they smartly focused on fabric and texture to strike a balance of attraction and wearability. 20160324-IMG_511120160324-IMG_511320160324-IMG_511920160324-IMG_512320160324-IMG_513820160324-IMG_514620160324-IMG_5170

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK


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