SFW: Cres. E Dim’s F/W 2016 Collection

20160323-IMG_4369Remember a time way back when you wanted to be part of the “in” crowd? Cres. E Dim’s latest Dim. E Cres collection embodies the conflicting emotions popularity brings—The cool personality bordering erratic hormones. Donning caps and Adidas, the looks are a bit sporty, paired with casual, laid-back designs.

Various-sized stripe patterns are thrown together and coupled with retro midi pencil skirts and ripped and patched denim. The perfect collection representing the transition of seasons, tops were layered under tanks and tees, with the occasional square neckline and half-zip jacket squeezed in. Topping the outfits off with dog collars and knee high socks and doused in primary colors, a blend of aggression and youth was born. These living mannequins of Dim. E Cres reflected teenagers of the past and present coming together in a new age of rebellion. 20160323-IMG_436720160323-IMG_436520160323-IMG_435020160323-IMG_4349 20160323-IMG_4379-2

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK



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