SFW: Kimseoryong’s 2016 F/W Collection

20160323-IMG_3457For Fall 2016 Kimseoryong pieced together timeless elegance with ease to create a menswear collection like no other.

Patterns and print were sprinkled across the collection, the subtle pinstripes and gingham interlaced with flower print and leopard.   Simplicity was the key to effortless style—Kimseoryong’s neutral colors of black, gray, and an array of browns heightened the chic designs.

And, a necessary basic in this show, deep v-necks could be found layered under sturdy blazers and coats for an easily wearable look.

Weaving texture into the classic silhouettes, tastes of fleece, leather, suede, and velvet prevented any monotony while simultaneously shaking up the senses. With a strong, quiet presence, Kimseoryong’s assembly of traditionally masculine looks with earthy tones is guaranteed to be a must-have for many men later this year. 20160323-IMG_346020160323-IMG_346320160323-IMG_346820160323-IMG_347120160323-IMG_347720160323-IMG_348220160323-IMG_348620160323-IMG_348820160323-IMG_349120160323-IMG_349920160323-IMG_350720160323-IMG_351720160323-IMG_3534

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK


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