SFW: Heich es Heich’s 2016 F/W “Riot” Collection

20160324-IMG_4815Skirting around the peripheries of various styles, Heich es Heich concentrated on joining together its favorites in a strong and dynamic collection. From the beginning, crushed velvet and crepon drenched in vivid, metallic hues enraptured the audience in a single moment.

But, it was short-lived as the pieces switched focus towards well-placed details and classic ingredients, toning down the initial audacity. Oversized outerwear with oversized sleeves played with fuzzy and knit sweaters, keeping things intriguing as it headed towards an emergence of print. Taking a step back to the original boldness, graphic print on everything from coats to pants stood out against the neutral and timeless designs and palette.

The remnants of past trends, like high necks, bombers, and leather, made this one of the few fashion-forward, yet wearable, collections. With a dramatic ending of hoverboards and a tumble, Heich es Heich brought an excited and playful approach to Fashion Week to life that has us excited for next season. 20160324-IMG_481820160324-IMG_483120160324-IMG_483320160324-IMG_483620160324-IMG_485220160324-IMG_485620160324-IMG_4859 copy20160324-IMG_486320160324-IMG_4869

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK


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