SFW: Vlades F/W 2016’s Minimalist Collection

20160324-IMG_4395Vlades effortlessly pieced together a minimalist collection of darkwear perfect for the dark, dreary winter months. Its obsession with black, only broken up with hints of white and gray, drew attention to the simple touches.

Tall collars, zippers, and belts were the standard among the leather and soft materials as it sat over wide leg trousers; Chinese banners served as an eye- catching, but understated detail.

Reworking the classic leather jacket, the collection perfected new basics with a bit of asymmetry and perfectly crinkled texture. For the procrastinator in all of us, Vlades upgraded the “I woke up like this” look—The wet hair and ever-so-slightly disheveled clothing is finally becoming an acceptable alternative. Dreaming up a simple, cohesive collection, this season’s Vlades are the only essentials you will need this winter. 20160324-IMG_4406
20160324-IMG_4415 20160324-IMG_4416
20160324-IMG_4431 20160324-IMG_4434
20160324-IMG_4447 20160324-IMG_4450
20160324-IMG_4457 20160324-IMG_4461
20160324-IMG_4473 20160324-IMG_4484

Article & Photos by ⓒIFBK


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