SFW: Big Park’s F/W 2016 Collection

20160323-IMG_3844 Bringing together diverse inspirations, Big Park hypnotized fashion-lovers with its clashing elements. Strong eyes peeking out from under crimped tresses, the models were decked out in the loose, feminine lines of flowing bottoms.

The mix of textures, luscious velvet mixed in with wool, fur, and leather, captured the eyes; layers added an extra dimension, collared and high neck shirts as the key ingredients.

Neck pieces may have been the “it” accessory and completed the collection, taking turns with bombers and ruffled necklines, but pleats, buttons, and exaggerated sleeves were necessary details.

A few “split-decision” pieces drew instant awe and left a lasting impression one would hope to never forget. Dancing its way onto center stage in ballerina slippers, Big Park’s wonderfully eclectic collection was a sight for sore eyes. 20160323-IMG_3845
20160323-IMG_3850 20160323-IMG_3851
20160323-IMG_3854 20160323-IMG_3858
20160323-IMG_3862 20160323-IMG_3883
20160323-IMG_3899 20160323-IMG_3901

Article & Photos by  ⓒIFBK


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