SFW: Jarret’s F/W 2016 Collection

20160322-IMG_2388 Like a swirl of dark romance brought to center stage, a montage of blacks, grays, and a pop of red danced across the runway.

Jarret hit us with a wave of nostalgia from the rebelliousness of youth, allowing it to bubble and froth over the top—A convolution of lines atop a mix of texture, distressed edges, and attitude.

Unafraid to show off any precariousness, this collection was all that we could want, with a healthy dose of both masculine and feminine elements. Strong shoulders confronted sheer overlays, as women’s hairpieces became the men’s necklaces. Hints of pastels and jersey material remind us that reckless doesn’t only come in black.

And, fur—Fur everywhere.

A little haphazard, a little edgy, and a little sensual, Jarret’s latest pieces encourage us to let loose and tease out our dark side. 20160322-IMG_2395

20160322-IMG_2403 20160322-IMG_2406

20160322-IMG_2428 20160322-IMG_2431

20160322-IMG_2475 20160322-IMG_2495

20160322-IMG_2506 20160322-IMG_2509

20160322-IMG_2514 20160322-IMG_2526

Article & Photography by ⓒIFBK


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