Interview with London-Based Street Style Photographer Song Bae Pak

RB6C1791 copyHow long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been a photographer for about over a year. I started to grab a camera at London Fashion Week in Sep 2014, so I am a beginner so far.

What made you start shooting street style?

When I started shooting street style, many photographers taking street style photos were very popular. I watched them on TV quite often. Probably, it’s because of them that I started shooting street style. And, when I first came to London to live here, it was London Fashion Week. I decided to shoot street style, but those photos were messy … I hope to hide those photos forever. 🙂

11Where do you go to find stylish people to shoot when fashion week is over?

Brick Lane, Shoredich, and Canaby street. These places are crazy—So many stylish people are always walking around there.

What do you think sets your photos apart from other street style photographers?

Recently, I decided to only use an analogue camera for fashion week. This means that I am not interested in who they are or what they wear. Of course, I love fashion, but rather now I am more interested in documenting fashion week. This is the main difference.Do you find it competitive trying to get the best shot among so many other photographers during fashion week?

Currently, there are so many street style photographers; it is difficult to survive among them. To survive, it is essential that your own photos have something special.

Who influences your work?

Juergen Teller. His work has had a great influence on my work. They are really expressive and strong. Amazing!

RB6C0575 copyDo you have any other up-and-coming street style photographers you love and think we need to follow?

Yu Yang. She is a Milan-based photographer. She is always passionate and creates strong images from fashion week. I think she will become popular.

Who are your favorite fashionistas or bloggers to capture, and why?

Racz Clara. She always looks luxurious, even though she only wears clothes from SPA brands. She has the ability to make every style of clothes look elegant.

RB6C0685 copyRB6C1599 copyRB6C4827 copyRB6C6048 copyRB6C8605 copy

Do you develop a relationship with the street style stars or bloggers you shoot at fashion week?

I am pretty shy, so I have not ever tried to speak to them first. My photographer friends usually introduce me to them.

How do you market yourself? 

I usually use Tumblr and Instagram. I think Instagram is the best social media network to spread photos.

RB6C8904 copy
블랙엔 화이뚜

You can visit Pak Bae ‘s website here.



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