Interview with Blogger Siiiido

DSC_0366Can you please say your name, age, and what you do?

My name is DongKwon Han, and I am 26 years old (Korean age). Right now I’m a college student studying clothes/textiles, and I’ve been a fashion blogger for the past two years to share my favorite looks with other people.

So, how did you come up with the name Siiiido?

So originally I was just going to make my blogger name Sido, which is just a Korean word written in English. But since I needed to have two I’s [for the minimum letter requirement for the ID] I thought, “Well, why not 4?” In English it has the feeling of “try—just do it”. So while I was thinking about what my blog name should be, I thought, “I just need to try it,” and that’s how I came up with the name. DSC_0501
When did you first get interested in fashion?

From when I was in elementary school I always thought about what I want to do. While gaining an interest in fashion, it was when I was in high school that I thought, “Ok, I should actually move towards this.” I didn’t do so well on my college entrance exam the first time, so after retaking the test, I got into the college I wanted to go to. When I went to the military (mandatory for all Korean men) during college I thought more about what I wanted to do, or what I could do, when I finished. That’s when I thought about blogging and Instagram. Since marketing is important and I don’t need a of money for it, I thought, “Ok. Let’s do that.” So as soon as I finished my service I started my blog and Instagram, around October/November 2013. I’m still running the blog, but I have one last goal that I’m a little embarrassed to talk about… So for work I’m going to continue studying marketing, design, etc. I’m Siiiido, so I have to give everything a shot.
DSC_0825 How did you come to start your blog?

First, since I’ve started blogging I’ve always thought about what kind of blog I wanted to make. I didn’t want something that covered everything about fashion. I wanted to upload what I like—What I want to see and what I want to wear. I also think a lot about what people want to see. So I only post the things that attract me, while also following trends. Others talk about how they like this or that style, but I don’t think I have a certain style that I go for; I like whatever style that looks good. For right now, I’d say it comes from instinct. I know what’ll look good on me or not, because I’ve been doing this for awhile now. But, when I first started I tried to focus on trendy clothes because I didn’t have that much experience in fashion. DSC_1157
What do you do when you get writer’s block?

When I can’t come up with anything, I mainly post things that I want to post and that viewers can check out easily. For example, I’ll post foreign street fashion photos; like in winter if there are photos with cute coats, I’ll upload a lot of photos with coats. When I look around and see foreigners that know how to mix and match I upload a lot of those photos as well. Compared to writing, people usually look at photos so that’s why I also focus on photos—I balance between what I would want to see and what others want to see.
DSC_1545 Who takes your photos?

At first my younger brother took my picture for me, but he went to China to study abroad. So now I take pictures by myself with a tripod and remote. This is actually easier for me and it makes it look more natural. I only take photos around my house because there aren’t a lot of people around. DSC_1613
How much time do you usually spend on social media?

When I first started, I spent a lot of time on it but nowadays maybe 2 hours total every day? But, I get distracted sometimes and I try to do it more casually now a days. But I still try a lot of things, because I don’t want to be stuck in one place.
DSC_12853 In what direction do you think Korean fashion is heading?

Like what I said before, this cultural industry is becoming a lot bigger in Korea. We have Seoul Fashion Week, which means people are interested in fashion. So I think there’s nowhere to go but up with this much interest. Because a lot of brands are popping up, which means more competition, so brands will try to lower the price of clothes with high quality design. However, I think we are focusing more on quantity rather than quality of design right now, which makes me sad. There are also bad habits in the Korean fashion industry. For example, new designers barely earn any money, so I think this needs to become more well known and should be fixed as Korea shows more interest in fashion as a whole. Because people are interested in Korean fashion and Korea and Japan have the most interest in fashion, I think the industry has the potential to grow much bigger.

What do you think about the SS 16 trends?

I’ve check out a lot of places for SS 16 trends. I think color is the most important—Vivid colors are at the forefront, like pink, so like unisex design? (But I don’t wear pink.) The colors are kind of feminine, so it seems they’ll be popular [in Korea]. Also, similar to last year’s F/W collections, I think boxy and wide fits will continue to be popular.

Any goals for 2016?

Hopefully this year is the end of my samjae (a “three years of misfortune” calculated by a Korean divinatory practice). So for this year, those who were born in 1991 are done with being unlucky. So I think I’ll have good luck this year. I want to grow my side business with that positive energy, and I also want to continue growing my blog. And, since this is my senior year of college, I need to look for a job. I think I’ll end up working at a company for at least a year or two, even though I want to do my own business and get my career going. Or maybe I’ll do an internship at a fashion marketing company. I have to keep myself busy. MINEPLIQUE-5412
Any advice for people who like fashion?

When I first started doing blogging and social media, I think the hardest part was how people around me see me (like people’s perceptions). I am majoring in fashion, but I never really did anything significant when I first started the blog. My pictures weren’t perfect (well, they’re still not), and people around me might have thought that it was embarrassing. They also asked me, “Why are you doing this?” I was kind of embarrassed, and my pride was a little hurt too. But I knew I just had to do it the best I could and show people that I can do it.

I think there are a lot of people who can’t overcome this. People shouldn’t think about it. They should just go for it and do whatever they like to do. Also, just thinking about doing things isn’t challenging—There’s no progress. Don’t just think about it, but get out and actually do it. Just like I’m Siiiido, if you try you’ll get results. They might be small, but you can get motivated and energized even with seemingly insignificant results. If you’re interested in fashion, give yourself challenges, even for simple things like going to Seoul Fashion Week, finding other people interested in fashion, or people-watching in Garosugil. There are a lot of things to learn.

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