Interview with a Model: Dong Han Shin

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Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Dong Han Shin. I am 23 years old and a Korean model.

What modeling agency do you work for? When did you start modeling?

I first started modeling when I was 20 years old, but had to stop once I went into the Korean military [for almost two years]. So I started modeling again about a year ago. Right now, I am working under Korean modeling agency Curmas. In Milan, I work with I Love Models Management, and in Paris I work with Bananas Models.

How did you begin modeling? Did you always have an interest in fashion?

When I was in high school, my older sister had a lot of interest in fashion and went on to study fashion design. So naturally, my interest in fashion grew and I challenged myself to giving modeling a try. My debut runway show was at Seoul Fashion Week for Korean designer AAV.

150903 DongHan photosession-5

What designers did you work with in Milan and Paris?

This past season I worked the Guglielmo Capone show in Milan and Hermes in Paris. 150903 DongHan photosession-2

Can you describe your experience in Milan?

First, there were so many models from all around the world gathered together for the casting. From the beginning there was this feeling of “everyone for themselves” and doing things on your own. I remember a lot of newbie models that were in Milan for the first time…Naturally, if you are a model the ultimate goal is to go do shows abroad, like in Milan or Paris. However, my goal is just to quickly further my career… Being able to travel overseas and modeling for good agencies is nice too. Also, being able to see big famous brands’ shows and meeting the designers themselves was an honor and a great experience.

How would you say Milan and Seoul Fashion Week are different?

First, Milano has more fashionable people and those in the fashion industry. Having gone to Milan Fashion Week, anyone on the street seems to have more of a fashion sense… since there is more of a fashion community. Both Milan and Seoul have good fashion weeks, but in Milano the competition is more cutthroat; so, generally better models attend Milan Fashion Week. 150903 DongHan photosession-3

Do you prefer runway shows or photo shoots, and why?

I like both. Sometimes doing photo shoots can take a long time, and sometimes there are tough days, but because it’s the work I want to do and it’s so fulfilling that time goes by quickly. I think I feel more nervous doing runway shows, but in a good way because it’s exciting. You can meet the designers, be the first to wear this season’s clothes, and get introduced to people—So, doing runway shows are more meaningful for models. 150903 DongHan photosession-1

Which designer do you want to work with the most?

In terms of foreign designers, I really want to do an Armani show! I’ve always liked and wanted to walk for Milan brands.

What is your daily routine like?

I wake up early.. I almost never eat breakfast—Just some protein powder and then I go work out. I run and then in the afternoon I don’t eat out much for lunch.. Just bananas and sweet potatoes. In the evenings I work at a café and go to my agency for English classes. I also spend a lot of time meeting up with the agency’s president and other models.. And that’s my day!

Thank you! 

Interview by IFBK

Photo by Ana Fernández




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