Seoul FW SS’16: Heich es Heich

1Recreating darkness and light, Heich es Heich pieced together a collection celebrating life’s spirit. Starting with a mixture of the two forces, we see boxy, loose pieces in black, navy, and white stripes with matching pants. Slowly moving to the dark side, blacks dominate with a hint of orange in belt details and lining. A flash of light beckons spring turtlenecks and denim, the vivid colors casting aside the darkness. As the pieces shift towards soft pinks and baby blues and a more casual vibe, sleeveless V-necks have their moment. The collection’s struggles with dark and light cause “split-decision” patterns to emerge; even shoes are not immune, the models strolling down the runway in black and white pairs. Heich es Heich creates anticipation for spring, demonstrating the fluidity of darkness and light as winter fades into spring fever. 2

Article & Photography by IFBK



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