LFW SS16: Editor’s Picks

DSC_0107Everyone knows an outfit is not complete without the details to pull it together. At London Fashion Week, fashion enthusiasts show us how it’s done. First, shades. There were shades as far as the eye could see, the perfect touch to each look: Cat eye, round, mirror, clear, and more. Next, traces of gold and gunmetal left a pleasing aesthetic. Then came along the quirky denim jackets and backpacks, along with spunky rainbow hair, to stand out amongst the classic fall hues. Hats, whether fedoras, visors, or caps, were nowhere near neglected—It was quite the challenge with the autumn breeze. Lastly, unexpectedly appealing details were seen slinking along the busy street, like a gold choker, handkerchief, and white eyeliner. Fashion Week may draw people in, but the street style is what keeps them there. DSC_0077

Photography by Guest Contributor Abiola Renee



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