Featured Blogger: Subin Song


Please introduce yourself. I am 22-year-old Subin Song and my blog is SsubinSsong. I am a fashion blogger and editor at Aker Magazine, a lifestyle magazine.

116How did you start your blog?

Around 1-2 years ago, I had a boyfriend who was working at a café. While he was working, I didn’t really have much to do, and that is when I first heard about blogging. I didn’t know much about blogging, but my boyfriend told me to try it anyway. So, I made an ID [on Naver], but I didn’t do much with it at first. After 3-4 months I decided to just do it when I was bored. I started off with daily lifestyle posts, but since I am interested in fashion I started writing more about fashion and the posts became more fashion oriented. That’s how it got started.

Did you become interested in fashion because of your [current] boyfriend?

I was always interested in fashion, and my boyfriend was always interested in photography; so now we take photos together. More than him just taking photos for my blog, photo shoots are something fun we can do together. By working together we care more about creating great photos.

zi3a6322Where do you get your inspiration?

I check out Instagram, Facebook, Flickr—Those kinds of sites. I look at a lot of foreign fashion photographer’s photos and street photography. International street fashion tends to be ahead of Korean fashion, so I look to see what famous fashion bloggers, like Amy Song and Chiara Ferragni, wear. I personally can’t wear those kinds of clothes, but by looking at their outfits I get ideas on how to create different looks with the clothes I already have. Another thing I get inspiration from are photographers on Flickr who use film, even if they aren’t a fashion photographer. When they do photo shoots there is a certain attitude or atmosphere, so when I put on outfits I also try to create a different feeling.

zi3a6325What is your day-to-day like?

Recently I’ve gained some weight, so in the mornings I wake up early (around 6 A.M.) to go to the gym. I usually don’t eat breakfast, but now, since I am doing morning workouts, I’m so hungry in the morning that I have to eat breakfast. So I go to the gym, shower at the gym, and then go to school. I only have classes in the morning, so afterwards I can meet up with friends for lunch. In the afternoon—if I don’t have to go to Seoul—I head to the Aker office. At the office I do magazine work, blog, write, or take pictures with Aker photographers. In the evening, I tutor students in math. After that I head home for the day. Most days are the same, but on days that I go to Seoul for work I don’t workout since I have to wake up early to take the bus. Also, if it’s a special day or I have a photo shoot, I lay out my clothes the night before. If I wake up and don’t like what I’m wearing, I know I’ll keep changing my outfit and end up being late. I hate that, so even if I have to go to bed later I plan out my outfit at night.


How long does it take you to prepare for a shoot or blog post?

Oftentimes the post that takes the longest is the daily look post. For the daily look photo shoot we don’t just take the photo and post it right away; instead, we make a post about once every 5-7 days. The reason being, we like to do photo shoots in different locations rather than the same place. There are a couple Aker photographers who do the daily look photo shoots, so it looks professional. So even though it’s for a “daily look” post, it’s not actually daily. I write the post after receiving the photos. Because of that it takes 5-7 days. If we shoot for a long time, it takes over 1-1/2 hours—Just taking pictures over and over. Then after that the photographers edit the photos. Once that’s done, the post is usually up within an hour.

Besides daily look posts, we also have fashion column posts introducing products or events. For these kinds of photos I use a mirrorless camera to softly take pictures. The photos barely need any editing, so I can just upload it. I can get the feeling of the photo right away and because I’m writing in Korean it’s not too difficult to go ahead and write the post. Since I started working for a magazine, I realized blogging isn’t really a job. So on days when I want to get a lot done, I create a lot of content for the blog and set up the post queue. There are also days when I don’t want to blog, so on those days I don’t post.


Who are your favorite fashion designers?

Hmm, there’s a lot… For a casual look, I like Kye. Honestly, it’s a little bit expensive, but I tend to buy a lot whenever they have sample sales. I really like the feeling of Kye’s clothes. Also, some time ago, Aker interviewed J Koo twice. Personally, I really like J Koo’s designers. For daily wear, for those days you want to look more put together… J Koo’s collection is perfect. I like the clothes, the people behind the clothes—Everything.

Who are your favorite Korean bloggers?

Hey2young, MsGabby, and Enemood.

44In all of your photos your makeup and skin are flawless. Do you have a favorite beauty product?

I only use one thing: Renewal Cream. If you put on a lot of products at night it can all get on the pillow, especially since when I sleep can’t stay still. I don’t snore or grind my teeth or anything, but my legs and face rub together; so, if I put on a lot the pillow feels kind of gross so I only use one thing. I went to the dermatologist, and he recommended that I try renewal cream. I don’t use anything else—I just wash my face with a foam cleanser and then rinse my face with water. After that I use a lot of face mist and once it dries I apply the renewal cream. There are some people who use mists, essences, and lots of other products, but if you do that it feels kind of uncomfortable and the next day your face is super oily. Sometimes if it’s a special day I also put on a facemask at night and take it off in the morning.

Do you have a favorite beauty brand?

The brand I use is called EasyDew. I like it because it’s very mild. I also use Lancome’s sunscreen—I always make sure to put it on. On days when I have to do my makeup, I put on sunscreen first and then my makeup. And, even on days when I don’t wear makeup I still use it. You should definitely wear sunscreen everyday.

Blog: http://ssubinssong.blog.me/

Interview by IFBK


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