MBFW Berlin S/S 16: Fyodor Golan

Photo Jul 10, 5 34 31 PM (1)Never shying away from the chance to be extravagant, Fyodor Golan pieced together a dramatic and bustling collection. Mismatched hues in pleated skirts and abstract patterns took over the audience’s mind with mesmerizing free-spirited lines. Cropped knits, ballerina skirts, and exaggerated sleeves showed off a feminized variant of the designers’ geometrical silhouettes. This was accentuated by long, flowing hair, bold tights, and mile-high heels. While contrasting designs clashed with each stride down the runway, gradients and unfinished hems briefly swung into focus. Infusing their fine arts background into each fabulous piece, Fyodor Golan captured the world’s attention with a unique use of color. Photo Jul 10, 5 36 30 PM
Photo Jul 10, 5 36 40 PMPhoto Jul 10, 5 38 06 PM (1)
Photo Jul 10, 5 38 45 PMPhoto Jul 10, 5 40 16 PM
Photo Jul 10, 5 40 56 PM

Photography by IFBK Contributor Lavar Plummer 

Article by IFBK



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