1The artful flair of geometric shapes and sharp lines, paired with a sharp glance, juxtapose the soft ambience framed by soft shades. Bold colors against pale faces shows the freedoms of art in different spaces. Forces of submission and dominance are clearly distinguished in the expressions painted on their eyes. Dominance stares down the camera, warning you against getting too attached to its counterpart. This goes unnoticed by the other’s pair of inattentive eyes. Intimate and cozy, the aura exudes wariness to the outside world, while dedicating all loyalty to each other. It’s a small comfort, isn’t it? Leaning on your other half. 2

Models wear:

Mesh Jackets: Wonderplace

Cropped Sweatpants: H&M

Sports Bras: F21

Jewelry: F21


Concept : IFBK

Photographer: Robin Byeon

Model: Kayoung Ko

Model: Sohyun Choi


Stylist: IFBK

Photo Editor: IFBK



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