MBFW Berlin S/S 16: Street Style

Photo Jul 10, 5 48 33 PMLegends strode alongside the fashion conscious during the fabulous Berlin Fashion Week. Small details like elbow patches, pink socks, and buns were bows to the gifts of style, giving outfits the perfect touch. While various shades of blues and greens were a breath of cool air to fight against the hot summer heat, others embodied the carefree attitude of summer in neon colors. Sports sneakers anticipated the feelings of fall by casually standing next to flowing dresses and fur. In addition, quirky accessories, like a hand mirror phone case and cow bag, served as playful reminders to have fun and not take fashion too seriously. Recapturing its past fashion dominance, Berliners will keep raising the bar—And have fun doing it. image_00003
image_00004image_00005image_00007 image_00009image_00010image_00014image_00015image_00017image_00018Photo Jul 10, 2 09 36 PMPhoto Jul 10, 6 03 27 PMPhoto Jul 10, 4 13 01 PM

Photography by IFBK Contributor Lavar Plummer 

Article by IFBK



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