Interview with Stylist Seungho Cho


Can you please state your name, age, profession, and where you’re from?

Hi, my name is Seungho Cho. I’m 32 years old in Korea, and my major is [Fashion] Merchandising, but I’m a stylist.

How did you get into styling? Did you go to fashion school?

I used to go to the University of California San Diego, where my major was Economics. I realized that it wasn’t my life, so I stopped and persuaded my parents to let me go to fashion school. I had a lot of conversations with teachers, friends, and others before deciding my major. I didn’t like design, but I liked styling so I decided to study Merchandising. I went to FIDM in Los Angeles—The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and graduated two years ago.


What is your styling process?

I usually do online research and try to see what people on the street are wearing. Everyone’s style is so different, and I try to put a little bit of my style in there too. I look at fashion shows, magazines, trends that are currently popular. I don’t usually follow trends—When I style I try to mix trendy with classic. I try not to copy what I see, but mix and incorporate different things.


As a stylist, what is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is for my clients to like how I style them. American people aren’t too good at fashion, but they want people to think they look cool, even if they’re not. I have to persuade them sometimes, because I’m kind of changing their style. So when they feel happy, I also feel satisfied.


What are some of your favorite brands?

I really like TopShop, because they’re street and stylish. Besides that, I don’t have any particular brands that I like, because sometimes brands are not what are stylish.

IMG_2269 (1)

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m really interested in menswear. I like casual and what Koreans call “dandy,” and I like clean. I don’t like too much pattern, just simplicity and no logos. Just a classy, clean, simple style.


Is there anyone you want to style?

I want to style Tim Duncan, in the NBA. He’s cool and nice, but his style is kind of ‘80s, so I want to style him.

How can our readers find you?

Instagram: @scho0128 Blog:

Interview by IFBK



4 thoughts on “Interview with Stylist Seungho Cho

  1. I love the way he styles. I have a lot of personal experience when it comes to styling through Mr. Cho, and I am always very satisfied. Many people think it’s other people’s opinions that matter when it comes to their style, but always remember it’s YOUR style so rock it proud.

  2. I love his dandy look. Read this made me close to tears. I know how it feels when we have to do something that we don’t like. Glad he made a good decision to stop and pursued what he loves instead. I also take a major that I actually don’t really like but I can’t stop it now. I will graduate this October and I promise my self I won’t do that anymore and will do something I’m passionate about. Thanks IFBK for this interview and thanks Mr. Cho Seungho for sharing, it motivates me to pursue my dream too 🙂

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