SFW F/W 2015: Street Style

SFW F 2015-4

Every season Seoul Fashion Week brings out some of the hippest, trendiest, and most innovative street style; and the international fashion community has taken notice. Bloggers, designers, photographers, buyers, and industry insiders from around the world descended upon Seoul, proving SFW is en route to being on par with the likes of New York Fashion Week. Bold patterns, killer sunglasses, multi-textured layering, and funky shoes just scratched the surface of the trends spotted. We dare you to not be inspired by these looks.

SFW F 2015-7

SFW F 2015-9

SFW F 2015-14

SFW F 2015-17

SFW F 2015-26

SFW F 2015-27

SFW F 2015-33

SFW F 2015-36

SFW F 2015-46

SFW F 2015-48

SFW F 2015-50

SFW F 2015-51

SFW F 2015-54

SFW F 2015-66

SFW F 2015-70

Photography by Lavar Plummer



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