Au Revoir, Spring

The end of spring imminent in Korea, IFBK is already reminiscing spring vibes. From gorgeous prints to simple delights, here are a few outfits we are tearfully kissing goodbye.

Sexy aloofness dresses up in a red jumpsuit with a matching red jacket. Surrounded by color, only her heart is black as her eyes stare into your soul. Jackets begone! It’s time for breezy pieces.

Hiding in the shadows, a gorgeous bomber stands out. Bold print paired with a metallic lilac crop gives the outfit edge and confidence. Urban cool won’t be the same without a beanie.

Playful youth comes to life in a swirl of pastel hues. A green bow, pink dress, and sandals act as a reminder of the happy and carefree attitude of spring. Long sleeves will be tough to handle as the temperatures increase.

What pieces will you be putting away for the summer?










Photographer: IFBK

Model: Nazerke Barbossynova

MUA: Anastassiya Kim

Style & Concept: IFBK

Designer: SMK


2 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Spring

  1. The model is so gorgeous. I love all styles but my favorite are the second outfits. It represents the trasisition between spring and summer. Looking forward more fashion editorial post like this in the future!

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