SFW F/W 2015: Paul & Alice

Paul & Alice-16
A spirited reminder of the carefree style of the past, Paul & Alice once again captivated viewers with a memorable collection. Starting off strong, a sea of plaid and check prints paired with quirky stripes and denim proved to be an eclectic mix. Embroidered collars and cut-out shoulders were touches of sass, along with some sheer for good measure. Ruffles appeared on cropped pants, soft, muted colors accentuated by pops of red, forest green, and gold. Not to be outdone, subtle smokey eyes on top of perfectly mismatched print dressed up the sense of childlike whimsy on the runway. Another season of playful attitudes towards fashion, Paul & Alice continue to make their voices heard.

Paul & Alice-3

Paul & Alice-4

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Paul & Alice-6

Paul & Alice-9

Paul & Alice-10

Paul & Alice-15

Paul & Alice-17

Paul & Alice-18

Paul & Alice-20

Paul & Alice-33

Paul & Alice-34

Paul & Alice-37

Photography by IFBK Contributor Lavar Plummer 

Article by IFBK



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