SFW F/W 2015: Soulpot Studio

Soulpot Studio-8
Inspired by her own experience, Soulpot Studio designer Kim Su Jinn relived the feeling of living in Seoul with her latest collection. Starting off with clean, crisp lines, flawless black, white, and gray pieces were peppered with elegant shades of blue. Aesthetic skirt hems mingled with turtlenecks and wide-leg pants, chic and stylish without a care in the world. Wrapped in long jackets, quiet beauty slinks down the runway with delicate details—Buttons, zippers, and too-long sleeves all illustrating a meek charm. Boldness finally emerges, mingling with soulful textures and patterns. Turning into a charismatic butterfly, the classic collection catches everyone’s attention in just one glance.
Soulpot Studio-6

Soulpot Studio-20

Soulpot Studio-21

Soulpot Studio-25

Soulpot Studio-26

Soulpot Studio-30

Soulpot Studio-31

Soulpot Studio-36

Soulpot Studio-39

Soulpot Studio-16

Soulpot Studio-18

Photography by IFBK Contributor Lavar Plummer 

Article by IFBK



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