SFW F/W 15 : Ordinary People

ordinary people-2
Adding sporty items to classic pieces, Ordinary People lets the boys out to play in sharp designs. Stripes on stripes, an old favorite rekindles its old flame with charisma. Well-crafted crocodile skin jackets spice up the collection with a vivid shine and an edgier feel, contrasting with neutral, well-tailored slacks. Under perfectly coiffed hair and shades, various shades of smooth turtlenecks lay against statement jackets; Colorful blocks complement the geometric lines, gorgeous shades of color pop, and zipper details perfect. A gold belted trench steals the show—a standalone piece with a personality of its own. Timeless, yet commanding, Ordinary People’s collection modernizes clean lines to ensure that no one remains ordinary.
ordinary people-3
ordinary people-4
ordinary people-5
ordinary people-6
ordinary people-7
ordinary people-8
ordinary people-9
ordinary people-10
ordinary people


Photography by IFBK Contributor Lavar Plummer 

Article by IFBK



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