SFW F/W 15: VanHart di Albazar


Kicking off Seoul Fashion Week, VanHart di Albazar likened clean and classic to fall, with layers buried under ageless patterns and textures. Calling VanHart di Albazar a fusion of “Italian classic values [and] Asian sentiment”, Du-young Jung is all about tiptoeing the line of classic and modern. The subtle sensation of long, timeless coats paired with clean slacks and loose-fitting pleated pants walk the line without sacrificing effortless style. Comfortable leaving black behind, the gorgeous array of colors included camel, bronze, forest green, and burgundy. Offsetting modern colors with prime designs, simple turtlenecks and button-downs make it difficult to resist. This collection focuses on layering jackets and blazers, creating an extra layer of fashion and visual interest while holding nostalgia in familiarity. Pulling everything together with fur mufflers, snazzy oxfords, and quirky ties, VanHart di Albazar brings out the best of Seoul style.


Article by IFBK
Photography by IFBK


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