LFW AW15: Pentatonica

Pentatonica 1

The design duo from Kazakhstan known as Pentatonica, comprises of Kira Maysheva and Saule Dzhamil. Their AW15 collection for Kiev Fashion Days at London Fashion Week was entitled “Loneliness.” The designers only used natural fabrics, earth tones, and a complex storyline to guide the direction of the collection. To appropriately represent their viewpoint they chose to infuse the feelings of liberation and freedom that they believe accompany and are the positive aspects of “loneliness.” Although the inspiration for the collection was of a darker nature the clothes were created contrastingly with billowing fabrics, artfully constructed details, and rich purple hues to reflect their positive outlook on what “loneliness” truly means. If this sensational collection is an accurate representation of “loneliness” than maybe exploring its depth is worth the time.

Pentatonica 2

Pentatonica 3

Pentatonica 4

Pentatonica 5

Pentatonica 6

Pentatonica 7

Article & Photography by IFBK



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