Subtle Beauty in Fresh Tangerine

IMG_0815 copy
Simple, classic, and chic, geometry intersects with versatility in Fresh Tangerine. Dark, flowing hair blends with the flowing black dresses, providing a soft contrast for a gorgeous silver / gold collection. Ebbing through the clean and modest lines, the wind whispers its hellos. The atmosphere, distant, yet approachable, helps relax the bones and clear the mind. It’s the kind of quiet, subtle sort of beauty that mutes the world, bringing everything into focus. Forget about colors—feel the contours of the wind. Let dreams come to the forefront, push negativity behind the scenes, and retain a spiritual connection to fashion’s original partner.
IMG_0797 copy
IMG_0764 copy
IMG_0759 copy
IMG_0847 copy
IMG_0856 copy
IMG_0968 copy
IMG_1003 copy
IMG_1063 copyLocation:  Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, USA

Photography : IFBK

Model:  Jessie Raisa

Jewelry Designer: Fresh Tangerine



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