The Intersection of Femininity and Sexuality

IMG_7217 copy
Femininity and sexuality intertwine in lacy lingerie, flirting with the camera. Oozing sensuality and confidence, a woman’s eyes draw you closer and closer. Casual cover-ups project her attitude as you start to uncover her essence. Who is she, as a woman? A statement necklace, high heels, a tiara. Where does sexuality end and femininity begin? Graceful, compassionate. Where is the line between desire and being desired? She may be far from perfection, but she is perfect for herself. Content with the woman she is becoming, she lives life discovering her own skin.
IMG_7737 copy
original 2
original 3
proba5Photography: IFBK

Style/Concept/Hair: IFBK

Model: Julia Nazipova

MUA: Julia Nazipova

Article: IFBK




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