Featured Fashion Blogger: Jihae Yoon

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Please introduce yourself. (Name, Age, Country, Job)

Hello, my name is Jullianne Yoon (Korean name: Jihae Yoon). I’m 27 years old, born in Korea and I’ve lived in LA for 7 years now. I have several job titles: I am a fashion stylist, fashion blogger, model, dance instructor, and dancer. Yes, I do work in many different fields. I was a professional dancer for 20 years in Korea and LA, and now I’m an instructor for ballet, yoga, and jazz dance. I enjoy dancing and teaching people, but I mainly focus on the fashion industry.


What was your reason for starting your blog? How long have you been blogging?

I have been doing my blog since May of 2014. I really wanted to show my passion for fashion and to share my fashion ideas and thoughts with diverse people. Through my many followers’ comments, I can improve my weaknesses and develop my creative ideas.

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What inspires you?

Rather than being inspired by a specific person or a company, I obtain inspirations from various things. Not only visual inspirations, but also I get inspired by peers’ thoughts, words, comments, etc. In short, I AM VERY INSPIRED BY LIFE ITSELF. The beauty of fashion and art inspires me to do my blog, and my background in dancing skills such as ballet, modern dance, jazz and especially Korean traditional moves gives me inspiration to express it through my blogging techniques.

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Could you describe for us your daily routine, how you start your day and finish your night?

I always start my day with a smile on my face. I can’t start my day without my coffee so I have to brew one before heading to work. I then start my job as a stylist and a fashion blogger and I make sure that I can give my followers inspiration not only how to dress up, but also to feel confident when dressing up. If I have a free time, I hang out with my besties, grab some coffee or a cup of tea and catch up with them. And before I go to bed, I always pick what clothes to wear the next day!

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Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, how long does it take you to organize your shoots and videos?

I need at least 2 weeks to create a concept and ideas, plan about the styling, hair and makeup, then finalize the shooting and posting.

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What is your favorite Korean brand? And why?

SJ SJ. This brand uses simple, minimalistic, and original designs. Even though some of the designs might look too much or too busy, however the coordination of clothes soothe that complexity to create one modernistic texture. Their clothes give me a feeling of chic, trendy, modern, comfy, and artistic.

Who is your favorite local designer?

Peter Pilotto

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Your photography and videos are always beautiful and professional! Many bloggers use the help of  a boyfriend,  friends etc. Who helps you?

Thank you for loving my pictures and videos! I have gotten a lot of help from my amazing friends and professional photographers and videographers in LA. When I was a professional dancer, we worked together for many projects! We finally became a team and develop “JullianneStyle” blog.

Do you admire any Korean celebrities, models, actors, or bloggers? Name them and tell us why they are special.

I personally admire lifestyle of Hyo Ri Lee. She is one of the famous singer in Korea. She used to upload her own fashion styles and her ideas to share with her fans. And, now she moved to an island named Jeju Island in Korea and lives very much like a farm-girl, but she still keeps her unique fashion style. Her personality, characteristics, and fashion styles widely affects a lot of people over the world, and I would like to be like her one day.

If you were on an island, what would you take with you. Name 3 pieces and why.

Lighter – Mankind cannot survive without fire.

Comfy Bed – this is must have for me, wherever I go.

Weapons – to hunt and protect myself from wildlife.

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