Waiting for Her


Sitting, waiting for an attempt at explanation, agitation slowly creeps over. As the clock ticks, he tries to focus on something—anything—to get his mind off of her. Buttoning a buttoned jacket and straightening a perfect bowtie once more, he stares out the window in the hopes of finding her amongst the crowd. Instead, solace is found in the last cigarette, lingering at his lips with each inhale. The smoke dances as thoughts too evaporate into the air. Time stops at her arrival. Transforming nerves into a calm and collected mask, she awkwardly tugs at her skirt– One last reminder to stop looking in to his eyes. In whispered tones and hushed emotions, last chances slip away. Their hands separate gently as he turns, never to look back.

Barshoot20headshot copy

Thank you to The Class and Hexyng Hexyng for the outfits.

Location: Virgin Lounge Bar,  116-7 Itaewon-dong,  Seoul.

Photographer: Will Hopkinson

Model: Han Joon Hwang

Model: Aziza Baikhanova

MUA: Anastassia Kim

Concept/Style: Anastassia Kim & IFBK

Article: IFBK



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