Fresh: Korean Hip-Hop Fashion


From the days of Run D.M.C and Public Enemy to Kid Ink and Kendrick Lamar, the ever-evolving hip-hop industry has always bended towards different trends while still maintaining its essence. Spinning webs of syllables into rhymes of the heart, these young male fashionistas express themselves through more than just words. Each showcases his personality through fresh tees, layered under sleek jackets detailed with texture. Keep scrolling to get a peek of the Korean twist on hip-hop style.

Inspired by the flow of San-E and other Korean rappers, 18 year-old Janmin says his style revolves around unknown brands from Dongdaemun or other street markets. Janmin is not afraid of wearing what he likes, from his trademark glasses to floral patterns.



A smart-alec by nature, Bennie Kid fools you with his innocent face. He rocks ripped jeans and classic Timberlands, reflecting his admiration of American hip-hop. While creating trap beats that resonate throughout your body, he stays true to his favorite brands: Stussy and Fluke.




Photography by hana-muv


Keeping it trill in leather joggers and a pullover sweater, Omani says that simplicity and comfort is key. Exposure to hip-hop drew him towards street brands, influenced by the style of A$AP Rocky, but he admits to stopping in H&M every now and then.



Photography by Will Hopkinson


What do you think? Will you be experimenting in the realm of hip-hop fashion anytime soon? Let us know in the comments.



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